Monday, March 23, 2009

susah sangat untuk aku lupakan dia..terlalu kuat rasanya akibatnya...memang aku kelihatan kuat. aku hanya menangis pada malam dia mengatakan, it's over, but, i feel like something missing in me. im not that strong to accept all this just like that. i need someone to be with me. i need my fren at that moment, to help me, build the strength, be stronger, but they are not with me. n now, is it my fault that i've changed? i dont cry, i dont get into tears but deep in my heart, my heart is so fragile. im not me. im another person who is not same. that's what they sad, but dont they realise that they also the reason why i choose this way to 4get everything? they dont understand me. i try to forget everything but everytime i see somethig, it reminds me of him...i hate it...