Thursday, April 21, 2011

this is not a joke. this is how a girl in depression should be treated..lala~

This post is a copy and paste post from my private blog. so, enjoy. this' the tips..

I'm in STRESS..yesterday..not today..erk..adalah sikit kot..owh, this is just a way of turning out ur stress into something sweeter..owh, my God..okeyh, tell me if i'm wrong..

This is again about me..sbb even me myself yg mengalaminya..owh, it is all becoz of the after-semantic effect. it's so stressful..enough to make my day miserable..huwaa...these are just the tips..untuk those guys who want to cheer girls around the,..and then, just for fun..bila a girl stress..this is the thing they want the most..and the symptoms too..

  • when in problem, a girl will always be in stress. and then they tend to cry and meluahkan kat org yg they feel comfortable, just lend ur shoulders for her to cry on. or at least ur ear to listen to what they wanna tell u..even it may be boring..(at least reply msg in a tone that can calm her down.)
  • bila stress, a girl akan rasa mcam nak pergi sumwhere yg tade org and nak menjerit kuat2..or at least duduk diam2 and said nothing..but believe me, they really need sum1 with, what u have to do is, sila bawa dia n temankan dia ke a place that can calm her down..
  • a girl in stress pon akan suka sangat untuk buat window shopping.. it's called retail therapy. so, sila bawa dia n temankan. be a good adviser. u dont really have to pay for whatever she bought..cukup stakat temankan n tolong dia buat pilihan..
  • Bila stress a girl akan jadi terlebih emo. and please dont ever make her pissed off..sebab itu akan buat dorg lagi2 bertamabh emo n cepat marah. so, anda cuma perlu bear with her. sabar jelah..dont have to do anything but just bersabar je ngn dia..layan je emo die..jgan marah2..nanti bleh bertamabh tunggang terbalik dunia..this is the time yg u have to really understand her.
  • Bila stress jugak, a girl akan jadi lebih kuat makan..semua akan rasa nak makan..this is just the thing yg u have to do..just bawak dia pegi makan apa yg dia rase nak makan..owh, itu akan sangat membantu..n dia akan sangat2 berterima kasih..she would even love u more..
  • Bawak si dia makan ice cream. sbb ice cream is always the biggest comfort..thanks to mr. zookeeper sbb bwk sy mkn eskrem semalam..the sundae worth everything..thanx..sbb tu aku syg ko lebih..hahahah

  • Owh, one more thing, belikan dia chocolates. and masa dia tengah menikmati chocs tu, dont u ever dare to touch it,..kalo tak boleh angin satu badan..
  • this is the food yg akan menggemukkan tapi bila stress, a girl will never care about menggemukkan atau tak..C.A.K.E.S. just bawa dia makan cake. jangan cakap pasal harga cake. sbb she will never care about it..
  • So, kesimpulannya, bila a girl under stress, sila lah iyakan je apa yang dia cakap. sebb that's all she need. a comfort from the one she most comfortable with..

nota: for all my beloved friends that i feel comfortable with, this is the trick to calm me down, so i'll be happy all day long..hahahhahaha..

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Exam MOOD~~

Tak tahu lah kot ni memang benda biasa yang sume org yg tgah exam akan rasa atau dah rasa. Rasa bercampur baur.

1. Rasa cuak nak exam.

2. Bila dah tegok CAM mula la rasa macam dah malas nak study sebab dah down sangat2. Sebab da tak tahu dah nak cakap apa rasa bodoh n sangat teruk. Mula terbayang2 dah fail da paper tu.

3. Mula rasa nak stay up tak pasal2..

4. Pantang jumpa games atau cite movie pape, rasa nak tengok je, sebab dah stress sgat baca buku.

5. Mula rasa nak makan macam2 n asek nak nanges je. sume sebab stress..

so, kesimpulannya, memang la time exam ni stressful nak mati..So guys, GUDLUCK. Aku dah stress, so, selamat stress bersama2..EXAM MODE..~~


next paper: ELIT (7 Apr/ Banquet)
SEMANTIC (11 Apr/ 9 am- Banquet)
GA (11 Apr/ 3. pm- Banquet)