Sunday, October 12, 2008


With the name of Allah, the Most Gracious and the Most Merciful...

Love is a part of Life.. Saling berkait antara satu sama lain.. Dalam hidup ni, akan ada satu part yang mana as a normal human being, we will face it.. called LOVE...Sometimes Love boleh buat kita di awang-awangan and sometimes it hurts...Mereka yang bertuah, they will meet their true LOVE and bagi those who are unlucky, they will find their fake LOVE...Yeah, me too.. in my life, i've found LOVE.. not once n not twice..but more than that..I do love a guy.. he's so special.. he made me feel happy and sad but then he left me.. without any reason or even a word of saying Goodbye..Than, after a year, i found a guy.. I love him, but i never have the guts to confess...yeah, i doono.. sometimes i feel like he knows but at the other time, it looks like he knows nothing..Salah aku ke if i never have that guts.. i just keep what i feel inside, to myself...yeah, i start a new relationship wif another guy, who i just like but not love.. and alhamdulillah, i know that i can love him one day