Sunday, June 16, 2013


A wise man once said, “Learn not just from what you experience but also from what others experience.” And that’s my way of learning. Learning from others. Meet others through reading.

Everday, I ride the train, all the way from Sentul Timur LRT Station to Kajang KTM Station. I use that one hour journey to read. And I’ve learnt a lot. And I realize that life is not easy, and I realize that this world is just a journey, a long journey, and we can never return back to the starting point. I agree with Zahiril Adzim in his Bogel Menuju Tuhan (Trans: Naked Towards God), we are very beautiful at first but then, throughout the journey, everything is raped from us. And at the end, we are left naked, and we can never return or make a u-turn to take what has been left. That is life. And in that journey, it is up to us to decide, to choose our desired path. Like in Robert Frost’s Road Not Taken, both we choose the road that many people had chosen or the other road that has been less travelled by, it is all up to us and we have to bear the consequences, accept the obstacles or beautiful scenery that awaits us when the road ends. And this road, the road that we have chosen has always has it turns. We can turn right, we can turn left, and we can stop for a while and take a rest. But remember, we can never return to the previous time.

The turning we made is also our choice and it may lead us to another way, another path, and another end. Yes, once we have decided to take a certain path, we can never return but if we realize that the road we take is the wrong one, or if the road will lead us to a scary cliff, we can always make a turn. The turn we made is a turning point in our life or some people may call it a ‘change’. The change is also our choice. For me, a change should always be the better choice. Change for good. Change for better. And we should change before our journey stops, before the journey comes to an end. “Those who decided to change on the twelfth hour die on the eleventh.” So, don’t wait till the twelfth hour to make a turn. Don’t wait for another junction to make a turn if you’ve found one. Because we never knew if there is another junction before we meet the ending. If we realize that we are going astray, we should make a change. Change for good and for the better because we never knew when we will die.

P/S: Changes doesn’t mean that you have to make a 360 degree turn but you can always change continuously, bit by bit.

(Inspired by: Zahiril Adzim’s Bogel Menuju Tuhan, Hlovate’s Contengan Jalanan, Robert Frost’s Road Not Taken & Mat Luthfi’s Sebelah Sayap.