Monday, October 25, 2010

HAPPY BIRTHDAY little lady..

Wow..Happy Birthday, Sanah Helwah, Selamat Hari myself..lalallalalalla..i'm not a 'teen' anymore..dah habis enjoy the very last seconds of being 19..huhuhu..dah besar lgi setaun..hahahha…what's next? Planning for tomorrow. A birthday girl has to be cheerful, at least on her birthday..lalaallala..

  1. Go and get a cake for urself.
  2. Enjoy the very last classes of this semester
  3. Quote and write something good, and send it to urself
  5. Smile all day long..
  6. Wake up early and wish urself HAPPY BIRTHDAY in a very, funny, scary wish..
  7. Say thanx to all ur friends who wish u..
  8. Kiss the first person u see in the morning
  9. Submit all the assignment which u didn't submit yet
  10. Lunch and Dinner with sumthing u never try
  11. Make noise n don't care about your rumate..hahhaha..ju-on…
  12. Enjoy the day of being a 20 years old little lady..lalallalalalla