Thursday, June 26, 2008

Changes in Me

With the name of Allah, the Most Gracious n the Most Merciful...

Hahaha...juz to be fair to myself...i need to say this..i mean to write this post..
Myself???very diffrent now, 360 degrees changes in started to know what is actually the world around me frens show me evrything...what more left to me...just to think about it n of goz, need to learn something from it...Sometimes what i learn from the outside world turn me to be a better person n somehow, i know that everything around us is not all good for us n can be followed...we also should know how to avoid it and turn it to be good from evil...And the important is, i learn something about no longer the same nad who only know the good side of life n the world, but the new nad who also know the other side of the world n the trying my best to be a new person without changing all the things born with me...but yeah, every changes a person try to make in life need sacrifice..n of coz me too cannot escape from it..i learn something from class..what mdm mum said made me is like a long journey in a dark walk along it, we need to have lights, but somehow we didnt have it, n of coz, if we learn something everyday, we can get at least a little light n one day, if not today, we can see the beautiful world outside the tunnel n we'll be happy...happiness come from sadness..sometimes we dont like the changes in us, but we must know that, the changes is important n it can make us a better person...i realise the changes in me, i realise that ive chnage a lot, i also realise that i'll never be the same person everyday....Alhamdulillah, i hope that one day, What ive done today will be blessed...