Thursday, August 12, 2010


People said: We really need a boyfriend or special someone, especially during Ramadhan bcoz he plays and important role..

Is it TRUE??? Does it really important?? Do you really need a boyfriend during this Holy month?? There are questions and they kept pestering my mind. But, do I really care about this? Do I really concern on having a boyfriend? I'm a SINGLE lady. Hey, I dont give a damn about having a BOYFRIEND!!! (This may sound a little bit UNTRUE).

My answer? Asked yourself. Do You Really Need A Boyfriend if:-

1- You have a friend who will call you every morning just to wake you up for sahur and make sure you did not sleep back.

2- You have a friend who will make sure you have someone to break your fast with and will always be worried if you eat alone.

3- You have a friend who will remind you about the Fadhilat of Terawikh for each night every day and urge you to go for terawikh.

4- And you have friends who will be with you no matter what? Who will be your crying shoulder when you flunk your quizzes and tests, when your other friend stab your back, and they always say the MAGIC words in your eyes; "Be Strong". "Sabar" ."Jangan Sedih-sedih".

Answer this QUESTION and you'll find the answer. DO U REALLY NEED A BOYFRIEND???? When You Have Your FRIENDS With You Most Of The Time????

I dont care I dont have any BOYFRIEND because I have many BESTFRIENDS....