Monday, November 16, 2009

A Time To Remember..

Hmm..finished with the final exam, i still cant go home. Got program to participate. It sounds fun and enjoyable. Having about 5 more days to kill, i think of nothing, except go for online. Signing into my facebook account, reminds me of the video ( reunion at Gua Tempurung) with kisasians (51st Batch). Waiting for the video to finish downloading, i google the blogs which i followed and read, mostly e novels. Suddenly, I dont know how, i come across this one blog of BADAR KISAS, and there is a link to MDM HEMA's blog. Dont wait any longer, i just click the link, and then, when i read through all the blog posts, it does remind me, not a little, but almost all of the beautiful, memorable time with her.. For me, be a student of Mdm Hema is such a great experience ever. She's the best teacher i ever met. Even after that, i realised that there are another good teachers outside, i learned with number of good teachers and lecturers(as a university student), but she's still the best ever. Being the only student of KISAS Batch 51 who is doing a bachelor in English (not Tesl n seangkatan), i know that she's the one, who influenced me to love english. as a language, and also a something special. Life in KISAS, some people may think that it was so boring, sometime i do think so, hehehe, still have the fun and happy part. During that time, I love English the most, I never fall asleep during English class, compare to Biology and Add Maths (sorry to Cg Mariah and Cg Zalina), I enjoyed the class. I spent most of my time, I think, to write more Essays and not to finish the past years and trials which i bought from Cg. Mariah. It's funny to remember..At that time, i always pondered, why would i still get red marks when i wrote the best essay? (I think it's the best) And now, when i read back all the essays, which i still keep it in the box under my bed, i always laugh..alone..It wasnt good at all..Totally a rubbish, and i cant even believe that i was the one who wrote them...hehehehe...

To my dear Friends..
especially Kisasians..
regardless of where you all are..

Thanks for all the good memories..
Miss You Guys Like Hell!!!!!!!

p/s: Reunion lagi jom!!!! Make sure kat Malaysia...heheheh